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Frequently Asked Questions

Fbnet has a team of network technicians and technicians on standby to give you support for any problem you might encounter.

We offer support for dial up, network as well as broadband problems. Where necessary, our technicians will readily and gladly take the responsibility of coming to your offices to check and rectify the cause of the problem.

Fbnet has Helpdesk personnel available to offer you telephone support. You can call them and they will give you assistance over the telephone. If your problem is not solved, they will avail to you a technician to come and assist. Click here for more details on Helpdesk or to submit your query/problem.

Dial up

Here are some solutions to common problems you may experience while trying to connect to your Fbnet dial up connection.

Error 633 - The port is already in use or is not configured for Remote Access dialout

This error can occur if:
The modem is actually in use - make sure you don't have other applications that are using the modem. Applications that can use the modem include fax software, terminal software (like HyperTerminal), as well as voice software including software that can make your modem an answering machine or speakerphone.

One way of seeing all running applications is to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and look at the Task List or Task Manager. This will display the actual program names - it may be difficult to pinpoint which, if any, programs are accessing the modem. Terminating tasks are about the only way - however, if you terminate certain tasks, your system may crash or become unstable.

The telephone.ini file is missing or damaged - If the telephone.ini file is missing or damaged, you can create a new one by running Tapiini.exe - this file is in the \windows\system folder. Before you run this, rename the telephone.ini file and reboot your PC if it already exists. Then, run the tapiini.exe file. This program will run very quickly and may not appear to do anything. You can verify the program created the telephone.ini file by searching for it.

The telephone.ini file is a Microsoft Windows file that stores settings for all TAPI-enabled applications.

Error 651 - Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error.

All versions of Windows - This error can occur if there is an error in the .inf file used to install the modem in Windows, or if the modem has been installed with the wrong .inf file. If this is the case, re-install the modem with the correct .inf file.

Error 652 - Unrecognized response from the device.

All versions of Windows - This error can occur if there is an error in the .inf file used to install the modem in Windows, or if the modem has been installed with the wrong .inf file. If this is the case, re-install the modem with the correct .inf file. 

Error - 666 - Your modem (or other connecting device) is not functioning.

Applies to Windows 95 & 98:

The telephon.ini file in your \%systemroot%\ folder may be corrupted, missing or damaged. Locate and rename the telephon.ini file to telephon.old.
(%systemroot% is normally c:\windows.)

Re-start your computer and then run the tapiini.exe file located in the \windows\system folder.

Error 678 - There is no answer/ The remote computer did not respond.

Error 679 - Cannot detect carrier.

All versions of Windows - This error can occur if:
You are dialing the wrong number
There is a problem at your ISP or in the telephone network
Your modem is unable to handshake with remote modem before allotted time.
Use modem's speaker to listen to connection attempt: Make sure it dials, and make sure you hear remote modem answer tones.
Dial number with regular phone and make sure you hear remote modem answer tones.

Error - 680 - There is no dial tone.
All versions of Windows -
No dial tone: There are many possible causes of a No Dial Tone Error.

The modem may not be installed correctly (especially if it is a PCI or soft-modem); or the cable from the modem to the phone-line jack may be bad or installed in the wrong connector on the modem - try another line cord, and make sure you are plugged in to the LINE - not phone - jack on the modem. Plug a regular phone into the phone jack on the modem and make sure it has dial tone. The modem may also be defective. Many new modems come with an electronic circuit instead of the traditional electro-mechanical relay used to take the modem off-hook. Some of these designs are proving less reliable; often, they will be 'stuck' in the off-hook position, so unplugging, the plugging in the phone cord may give dial-tone. If this is the case, the modem needs repair or replacement.


  • Make sure the correct modem is selected in the dialer.
  • Reinstall the modem.
  • Full uninstall and reinstall of DUN/RAS and its associated components. Refer to manufacturer.  Most likely a modem software issue.
Error 691 - Access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain.

With all Windows versions - This error can occur if you use a bad username or password; remember in most instances the password is case-sensitive - you will not see the password, so if CAPS LOCK is not the way you expect it, you may have a problem with upper/lower-case.
If you get this error the on a new account - you may not be using the correct username and/or password. Verify with us exactly what you need for username, and your password.

Error 692 - Hardware failure in port or attached device.

This error can occur if your modem is not properly installed, or for an external modem if the power to the modem is turned off. Verify the modem installation by checking Control Panel->Modems - driver and diagnostic (more info). The error can also be caused by a bad or loose serial cable with external modems.
This error can also occur if you have any service that gives a non-standard dial-tone such as telco-provided voice mail. The error can be avoided by adding commas before the number to dial.

Error 738 - The server did not assign an address.

This error may occur in Windows 2000 or XP if the Negotiate multi-link for single link connection option is enabled for the dial-up connection. This is an option in the Connectoid for each dial-up connection, and is located in PPP settings:
Connectoid Properties -> Networking Tab -> Settings button (located below the 'type of dial-up server' drop-down selection - the type of dial-up server should be PPP: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, Internet)
To correct this error, un-check the Negotiate multi-link for single link connection option.
Note: In Windows 2000, this option is checked by default until Service Pack 3. With service pack 2 or lower, it's possible to prevent this option from being on by default with a registry modification. For more information, see MS KB 256213.

Web Design and Hosting

This page will give you solutions design and hosting problems which are common to many. If the solutions suggested here fail to work for you please contact our helpdesk team.

Error 403 - Forbidden: You do not have permission to access /folder/ on this site. Apache /2.2.2. Server @domainname.co.zw Port 80
Our web server is configured to reference a page by the name index.htm, index.html or index.php as the homepage for any site. If your domain has been configured and you upload your site without this page, you get this error message. The only way to rectify this is to create an index.htm, .html or .php and upload it to our server.

When I type in my website address, it displays Fbnet website
When a domain is registered, we configure the DNS records so that mail is sent to Fbnet mail servers and the domain name points to Fbnet web server. We do not configure the website in our httpd.conf for virtual hosting until we are given the website files by the client. We only configure the website when the website has been designed and uploaded onto our servers for hosting.

If your website files have been uploaded but your domain still points to Fbnet, please contact our helpdesk team for assistance.

Error 404 - Page not found

The link or URL refers to a page that is now located on the server or the page name and link mismatch or is not in the folder referred to in the link.

Have uploaded my site but images are not showing properly

Check the location of the image on the server and the path given as the location on the document, if they mismatch then the images will not appear since they will not be found where they will have been referred to in the document.

My website is failing to connect to the database server
Check the server name, username, password and database name in your connection code. If you are not sure about these, contact our helpdesk team so that they can verify these details.

How do I update my website
Most dynamic websites designed by Fbnet which have products that need to be updated have a content management system which you can be trained how you can use it. When it comes to the design, you need Dreamweaver MX2004 or later as well as FTP access. FTP access allows you to connect to your website on our server and update it without the need to come to our offices. For details on FTP access contact our sales team and they will tell you

I have FTP but am failing to update site

If you can connect well to our server but cannot overwrite the files there, you might not have been given ownership rights or the folder cannot be written to and its properties have to be changed. Contact helpdesk.

Have uploaded changes but the page no longer loads
Possible causes could be some errors in your code on the page that you have updated. Before overwriting/updating your site it is highly advised that you make a backup copy of your site.

I am trying to add/remove information from a page but it is getting distorted

The page may have been designed in Fireworks and all the information written there. The problem with this design is that the page will not grow or shrink, it just remains the same size. The only way to avoid this problem to design images and export them to Dreamweaver but leave a certain editable portion that can grow or shrink depending on the information to be put on the pages.

Website security - how can I be sure no one has access to the administration mode
Instead of writing passwords and usernames in the scripts, which is not secure, you can have the password stored in the database and when someone logs in, user details are extracted from the database. The password has to changed regularly for security reasons.

Which technology does Fbnet server support
Currently, Fbnet uses LAMP architecture - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. We can then only host websites designed using PHP, MySQL server technology. We are however working on getting another server that will be Windows based and will support Windows functionalities such as Access, Visual Basic, ASP, .Net, Cold Fusion etc. For now these cannot be supported.

E-mail: info@fbnet.co.zw


Here we explore some common problems you are likely to face when you are on a local area network connection; wired or wireless. If the solutions suggested here fail to work, please contact our helpdesk team and they can assist you.

Local Area Connection Disconnected - Network Cable Unplugged

Check if your network cable on your computer and switch is not loosely plugged in and plug it in. If this does not work check if your network card is enabled and properly installed. To check for this go to Desktop> My Computer> Properties> Hardware Management> Device Manager. If it is properly working it will be listed by its name. If it is disabled it will be shown that it is disabled. Right click it and select Enable.

Cannot Access Server
Check if the settings for the local area connection if they are correct, that is, the workgroup, IP address, DNS settings and subnet mask are correct and you have the same settings with other users on the network (except for the IP address which should be unique for each user).

Everyone is not on the Network
Check if the power for the switch is switched on and if not switch it on.

Can ping Server but cannot browse or send mail

Check if the firewall for either Windows or antivirus software is turned on. If yes, turn them off. Check proxy settings for the browser if they are set to the value for the IP address of the server.

E-mail: info@fbnet.co.zw


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